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As a Store Manager, did you know that with a single phone call (or email!) you could earn up to $10k?

We're not kidding!

We are looking to grow out management presence in your market and would love to get connected with the owner of your store. If you put us in touch and we end up with a signed PMA to manage your facility, you get a referral bonus of up to $10k.


We are a self storage third-party management company and our job is to make your job even better. How? Here are a few ways our CSSM Store Managers are benefiting from being on our team.

✓ HIGHER hourly wages


✓ Extra performance BONUSES


Review the FAQs below and/or schedule a call with our team to learn more about CSSM and how we can help.

Tell your boss why working with CSSM is such a great idea! (download info below and drop into an email!)

After a property management agreement is signed, you receive your bonus!


Third-party management services involve outsourcing the day-to-day operations of a storage facility. The management company provides expertise in operations, marketing, customer service, and efficiency, as well as providing valuable vendor relationships, industry networks, and market knowledge. 

Crescendo Self Storage Management has been in the storage industry for over 25 years. We’re a team of hard-working, well-educated individuals, who are dedicated to helping storage facilities perform better and provide storage owners and managers with more opportunities. We currently have a portfolio of over 35 properties, and each of our properties see an increase in revenue, efficiency, and performance. View our case studies to see some of our real numbers! 

CSSM has an abundance mindset – we truly want to see everyone succeed, store owners and managers included! Our services allow store owners to see better results and more revenue with less time and effort. 

Store managers of CSSM-managed facilities see increased hourly rates, performance bonuses, and growth opportunities. We also offer our store managers an exclusive course to help them get promoted to District Manager – because working with us can be a career, not just a job. 

Yes! Our referral bonus is the equivalent of up to two months of our management fee. This amount will vary based on the facility size and management agreement terms but can be as much as $10k. 

Yes! You can find our portfolio at with the majority of our locations. We give all of our management clients the option to keep their branding or rebrand to Shield Storage. 

We want all storage facilities and store managers to succeed! Not only do storage managers of CSSM-managed properties have higher hourly wages, but we both enable and encourage opportunities for personal career growth. With our large portfolio, store managers have opportunities to be promoted within the company and increase their marketable skills. 


We’re here to help storage owners get their time back and make more money. We use our industry expertise, vendor relationships, and decades of experience to increase revenue and streamline operations, with less time and effort for storage owners. It’s a win-win!

Working with us, you’ll find that we stay true to our key promises: 

1. Rocket your cashflow with ZERO hassle 

2. Your brand or ours, it’s your choice! 

3. Don’t worry, it’s handled. 

We work hard to make sure your revenue goes up with less time and effort. Even with the inevitable ups and downs that come from owning a business, we stay on top of the operations and handle complications with ease. 

With decades of experience, we’ve refined our management process to include a weekly facility audit, our specialized magic revenue finder, and our rental growth multiplier. You can view more details about our processes here, and for more specific questions about what a partnership with us would look like, please contact us

Our typical third-party management agreements include services for the following: daily operations, marketing, revenue management, communications, financial controls, accounting and reporting, auditing, and employee-related services. We handle nearly everything, while you get to relax and watch your cashflow go up!

Our case studies are just a few shining examples of what CSSM can do for your storage facility.  Click here to view our case studies. See real numbers, and learn how we increase property value by millions, nearly double revenue, and add over $100k in revenue from tenant protection plans. Contact us for a customized projection to learn what CSSM could do for your property!