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A Fresh Perspective

Crescendo’s self storage consultants will provide a new perspective on growing revenue and controlling expenses so you can take your cash flow and peace of mind to the next level.  Sometimes you are too close to the problems or opportunities to see them clearly.  Our fresh perspective can help.

Because our consulting engagements are more limited in scope than full-service third-party management, we are able to work effectively with clients across the country and around the world.

110% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will take all of the risk. If you’re not happy, we will refund 110% of your fee.

We are selective about the clients we work with and only choose a handful of new assignments each month.  If you think you may want our help, we suggest you contact us right away to schedule your personal consultation.

Recurring Services

Monthly Review of Management Reports and Financial Statements

We review your property management reports and financial statements each month and alert you to opportunities to grow revenue, reduce expenses, or tighten your financial controls so that you have less theft and lower risk of liability. All recommendations are written and delivered within five days.

Weekly Staff Booster

Your choice of operations management staff and/or on-site staff joins our weekly best practices conference calls where they receive ongoing training and peer accountability.  Each weekly call covers an aspect of sales excellence and covers other topics based on the month’s theme.  Past themes have included, getting the most from vendors and contractors, effective time management, preventative maintenance, handling upset or difficult customers, dealing with pushback from rent increases, and keeping a clean facility.  This ongoing training provides a high number of actionable ideas for a small cost and time commitment.

Quarterly or Bi-Annual Site Visit

We provide you with a written report of our first-hand observations of your staff and your property.  In addition, you’ll receive a list of prioritized recommendations that outline specific actions you can take to grow revenue, reduce expenses, and tighten your financial controls.

The physical condition of your property will also be reviewed with recommendations prioritized to help you attract more customers, generate more rent, and eliminate potential liability.

Since we will be on-site at your property, we can also provide a limited audit of your staff’s compliance with your company policies and best practices (time permitting).

Revenue Management

We will work with you to set objectives for gross rental revenue growth and rental revenue growth per occupied square foot.  Next, we will collect competitive data and monitor your real-time move-in results to manage asking rate pricing, move-in promotions, and in-place pricing for each location to ensure we exceed the agreed upon targets. We’ll provide a report each month outlining the pricing changes made and the rationale for each change. In addition to objective data, we include the on-site management in the decision making process so that we are aware of their up-to-the-minute observations of customer feedback to prices.

One-Time Services

Facility Audit

A comprehensive audit of your self storage operation and processes.  We will review your marketing, sales, maintenance, administrative and lien procedures, customer service, and accounting and cash management processes and make suggestions for improvement. We will review a sample of leases for completeness and compliance to company policies or best practices. We will audit the unit inventory and verify the property management software records match what is physically occupied or vacant and note any discrepancies.  We will review the settings in your management software and make recommendations to reduce the possibility of employee fraud or theft. Includes everything in our Software Permissions and Accounting Practices Review service.

Software Permissions and Accounting Practices Review

We will audit your property management software permissions and review your accounting processes to tighten financial control, reduce the opportunity for losses due to employee theft or fraud, and increase your confidence in your financial reporting.  We’ll deliver a written report of our findings and recommendations.

Technology Review

We start by meeting with your company leadership to understand goals and pain points. With that understanding, we review the technology in use to operate your self storage properties and make recommendations that will help you optimize your technology and vendor selections. Our review includes website, software, communication services, office equipment etc. We are not affiliated with or compensated by any vendor, so our recommendations are not conflicted.

Customer Facing Communications Review

We’ll interview company leadership to understand what type of brand and personality you want to project to your customers. We’ll review and suggest revisions to your standard letters, emails, invoices and rental forms to enhance sales, reduce resistance to rent increases, and achieve your other revenue enhancing or expense reducing initiatives.  We’ll also help you enhance your brand consistency and company image.

Implementation Services

If you would like help implementing the recommendations and best practices we provide, let us know. We want you to be successful. Our self storage consultants will work alongside your team to help you implement the strategies and tactics that will grow revenue, reduce expenses, and provide you with more cash flow.  Cost determined by scope of work.