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Top Technology Advancements in the Storage Industry, Part One

Technology has been a game-changer for all business owners, and this is especially true in the storage industry.

In this three-part series, we’ll cover the top technology advancements in the storage industry, areas of technology worth investing in, and how you can know where to start with technology for your storage facility. 

Some of the top technology advancements that greatly add to the value and ease of running a storage facility include the following: 

  • Digital Management Systems. Streamline operational tasks, centralize data, and enhance efficiency in managing your storage facility. Integrate tasks such as inventory management, customer data, billing, and reporting into a single platform. Examples: Sitelink, storEDGE
  • Digital Services. Allow customers to conveniently interact with your storage facility online, from renting units to signing leases and making payments. Examples: StoragePug, OpenTech Alliance
  • Online Marketing. Utilize online marketing tools such as paid adds (PPC), Google My Business, SEO, online reviews, and more to increase visibility, attract customers, and drive traffic to your website. Examples: outsource to a digital marketing firm, or hire someone in-house to manage your digital marketing needs. 
  • Facility Features/Upgrades. Upgraded features at your facility such as enhanced security systems, cameras, and controlled access locks can amplify the safety and convenience of your customer’s experience. Examples: Spider Door, Davinci locks, Verkada
  • Online Auction Platforms. This technology allows your facility to conduct auctions fo abandoned or unpaid storage units efficiently and transparently. Examples:, Lockerfox
  • Data Analytics and Predictive Tools. Data analytics will help you gather insights, forecast trends, and implement dynamic pricing strategies for your storage facility. Examples: Storable, Domico Cloud, Prorize
If this list feels overwhelming, don’t worry! Our next post covers which areas are worth investing in. 

Do you have more questions about running your storage business? We are happy to help! Send us an email or schedule a call with our team. We’ve got you covered!