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Mastering Self Storage Staffing, Part Three: Retain 

In the dynamic world of self-storage, having a dedicated and skilled team is the key to success. Your employees are not just team members; they are the face of your business, ensuring exceptional customer experiences and operational excellence. 

But what comes after hiring and training these valuable individuals? Retaining them. 

Employee retention is a crucial aspect of building a thriving self-storage business. In this guide, we’ll share some of our top tips and proven methods for employee retention.

Top Tips for Employee Retention in the Storage Industry

  • Regularly check in with new employees. The frequency and method of these check-ins can vary, but we recommend quick, daily check-ins from the employee’s manager every day for the first six weeks. These check-ins include asking how the new hire is feeling, how their training is going, and if there’s anything that can be improved.

    We also recommend giving new employees opportunities to check in with multiple levels of management. For example, HR sends new employees an email every two weeks, and the HR director calls them once a week. These kinds of regular check-ins have made a quick and visible impact on new hires. 

  • Show a path of internal growth. Employees who understand that their position can turn into a career, not just a job, are more likely to stay long-term with a company. Internal growth opportunities also attract individuals who are interested in leadership and career development.
  • Performance-based bonuses. All employees appreciate being rewarded for their efforts, and performance-based recognition can enhance employee job satisfaction and engagement, making them more likely to stay with the company.
  • The manager takes the employee out to lunch after 30 days. Simple, but effective, this time together builds personal connections, fosters a positive relationship, enhances communication, and accelerates onboarding.
  • Make sure employees understand the “why” of training and fully understand their role. When employees have a clear understanding of the “why” behind their training and the expectations surrounding their role, it leads to improved motivation, engagement, and job satisfaction.  

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Let us help you retain them and build a team that will drive your self-storage business to higher levels of success. 

At CSSM, we’re committed to providing you with the knowledge and resources you need to create a work environment that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry. Stay tuned for our next installment of email-subscriber exclusive content! 

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